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Well come to Nihon Denpa News Co.,Ltd.
About us
About NDNWe are a unique Japanese TV news agency established in 1960 having foreign bureaus around Asia.
Our coverage area extends to not only Asian countries, but also to Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

Recently we have been aggressively making coverage in Iraq and Afghanistan and similar turbulent places.

Please make use of our experience and world wide network for your business.

Plentiful video archives of more than 40years of events,  such as the Vietnamese War and the Cambodian civil war, are waiting for you.
Our efficient TV directors and cameramen are ready to work with you. If you have a plan to make news or TV documentary in Japan or other countries, please don¡Çt hesitate to call us.

Nihon Denpa News Co.,Ltd.

Main Office

Koike Building,1-5-10 Minamiazabu, Minato-ku,Tokyo, Japan
Phone Tokyo(03)5765-6810
Fax Tokyo(03)5765-0540
Date of
March 2, 1960
Capital 12,000,000Yen
President Kahoru ShibataiMs.)
The personnel 25
Foreign Bureaus Thailand, Vietnam
Coverage area Throughout Asia, Middle East, Africa, Russia, Europe, North and South America.
Principal Lineof Business
Producing current news, feature news, and TV documentaries and supplying them to all the nation wide TV stations in Japan.
Production, purchase, sale, export and import of documentary films and video programs.
Doing service of coordination, dispatching staff and equipment rental for TV coverage.
Supplying articles and still photos for newspapers and magazines, and news scripts for radio.
Promotion service for exchange of music, dance, and arts and other cultural events with foreign countries.

Development of Business Activities
NDN began its business in 1960 to meet the demand of International News among Japanese TV stations. As a result it has dispatched TV correspondents to America, Russia, Europe, China, Vietnam, Africa and Middle Eastern countries, and settled foreign bureaus in those countries to cover and supply TV news and TV documentary.

Those news and TV documentaries have been supplied to all the nationwide TV stations in Japan and some TV stations in Europe and USA.
Simultaneously, NDN have invited lots of prominent foreign artists and musicians to Japan to introduce foreign culture and arts.

Main business relations and customer
All the Japanese major
Japanese TV stations
NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corporation), NTV(Nippon Television Network), TBS(Tokyo Broadcasting System), CX(Fuji Television), ANB(TV asahi), CX(Television Tokyo)
Foreign TV stations
Europe: BBC, German TV, Reuters
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